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Mandala Yoga TTC 2023

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Dulce Aguilar Yoga


Dulce has hosted 100+ courses worldwide training over 3000 students in different modalities. She has designed several Yoga courses with a twist on Psychology and Shamanism.


She has been following a path of yoga, self-inquiry and shamanic tradition for almost 20 years. Her path includes Shamanic practices and influences from Rocket, Prana flow, Tripsichore & Yin Yoga. Her intention is to live in harmony leading to a freer experience with herself and others. Her approach encourages self-responsibility in the path of following your heart.

Dulce created the Mandala Vinyasa Method based on the 4 Elements. The system is a blend of the Yoga styles she practiced with Shamanism and attention to intention.

By feeling the Element in the physical self, awareness in the emotional and psychological realms transpires. This creates integration.

Daily Schedule

12:00 Breathwork

12:30 Mandala ONE Flow

15:00 Methodology

16:00 Routine Explanation / Element Template

16:30 Elemental Breathwork Explanation

17:30 Magic / Connection

18:15 Mudra Meditation

19:00 End of Mandala Day

This training is for You

  • Teachers looking for inspiration for their classes

  •  Practitioners ready to delve deeper into themselves

  • Individuals looking for a connection with the Elements

  • Mandalovers seeking a more accessible version of the flows

  • Healers ready to add an invaluable skill to their repertoire

  • Parents seeking to understand + build a deeper connection with their family

  • All seeking to improve and create harmonious relationships

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