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Mandala OM Demand

The perfect way to learn and get certified in Mandala Vinyasa with Dulce.

Study at your own pace. Receive personalized attention to your questions & assignments.

Both courses include a workbook & access to additions and upgrades.

Mandala Methodology
20-hour TTC

This course is based on the original Mandala & Elements routines. 

It is the initial flame of inspiration.

A super bonus is it includes 30 extra hours of practices & music mixes by Master DJ Mundalah, who plays live in our courses.

Mandala One
30-hour TTC

This is a defragmentation of the technique. The intention departs from the sacred geometry and numerology of each Element. 

You get a completely new set of routines. All catered for teachers that just begun their Vinyasa journey and for MandaLovers looking for inspiration.

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