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Mandala OM Demand

Learn and get certified in Mandala Vinyasa with Dulce

  • Study at your own pace.

  • Receive personalized attention to your questions & assignments.

  • Both courses include a workbook & access to additions and upgrades.

Mandala Yoga Teacher Training Online

Mandala Methodology
20-hour TTC

This course is based on the original Mandala & Elements routines. 

It is the initial flame of inspiration.

A super bonus is it includes 30 extra hours of practices & music mixes by Master DJ Mundalah, who plays live in our courses.

Both courses complement to each other. They each provide different material and an understanding of Mandala Vinyasa & Elements.

If you are new to the method or do not have a strong Vinyasa foundation I recommend to begin with Mandala One. 

Mandala One
30-hour TTC

This is a defragmentation of the technique. The intention departs from the sacred geometry and numerology of each Element. 

You get a completely new set of routines. All catered for teachers that just begun their Vinyasa journey and for MandaLovers looking for inspiration.

Mandala Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Online


Mandala Vinyasa Yoga Teacher
The Mandala Yoga, Breathwork and Shamanic training hosted by Dulce, Nicholas & Carlos was one of the most profound, life changing experiences I have ever had ❤️ the people I connected with, the experiences we shared and the wonder of India aligned to be more than just the sum of its parts. It is indescribable. I am forever grateful for this incredible opportunity. I learned so much from our hosts and the amazing yogis training with me, but also from myself. I will never be the same and I can’t wait to share this love and connection with anyone who has an open heart. Thank you ❤️ LOVE YOU!

Katherine Miller

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