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Elemental quiz 

by Dulce Mandala

The four Elements are present in all of us and form unique combinations to shape our personalities. By recognizing and connecting with the Elements within us, we become more aware of our connections with nature and the Divine.


Knowing our dominant Element helps us see ourselves, our individual approaches to life and our way of interaction with others from a more objective viewpoint.  

elemental personality quiz
Dulce Mandala Yoga

Dearest Soul,


Thank you for taking the time to enter your inner portal. 

Understanding as much as you can about how each Element influences the human psyche, as well as the wider world, helps you deepen your magical relationships with these essential ever-present forces of life.

You may get the same rating for a couple of Elements. In this case review the characteristics of each Element. Where do you want to improve? What characteristics would you like to reduce? How can you achieve more balance?

Enjoy the quiz! I hope it fits a piece in the puzzle of your wholeness.

Con mucho Amor


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